Porting TinyCLR on stm32f407 with GCC

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04/01/2017 16:03:33
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Porting TinyCLR on stm32f407 with GCC


I am an electronics engineer, I am designing a PCB based on a CORTEX M4 model stm32f407 with 1 MB in flash. I am interested in installing the .NET MicroFramework as it will give you better potential when writing application code. Currently I buy Stm Discobery4 for .NET portability tests but I have had various problems with it.
My question is if you can help me with this portability using GCC?

I am following the guide described in this link https://stm32f4netmfgcc.codeplex.com/ but it gives me errors during the construction process.

Thank you.